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COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Form

Check Your Risk for COVID‑19

How It Works

1. Select your symptoms.
2. Get an idea of whether the symptoms you report suggest that you may have the COVID‑19 virus.
3. Based on the result, choose a recommendation for how to move forward to either treat symptoms or get additional COVID-19 support or testing.

MMC COVID-19 Assessment and Information

Scan the QR Code below to take the COVID-19 Assessment and access the following COVID-19 Information: Symptoms; Prevention and Treatment; What To Do If You Are Sick; Five Fast Facts; Testing Information; Managing Stress and Anxiety; Talking with Children About Coronavirus; How to Properly Wash Your Hands; Stigma & Resilience; and How Did It Get Here

CDC Self Checker

View CDC's Self Checker

The purpose of the Coronavirus Assessments are to help you make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care. These systems are not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19. These systems are intended only for people who are currently located in the United States.


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