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A tan teddy bear leaned up against a brown teddy bear wearing a tan bow


Being in the hospital can be a very scary thing for a child. That's why we have Gina's Closet. A child who is a patient here can take a trip to a room filled with new toys, stuffed, animals, games, and books and pick something out to keep in hopes that this will bring them comfort during their stay.

Gina's Closet was built after Memorial Medical Center lost one of our beloved employees who just so happened to love giving gifts to all the children in her life, and with the establishment of Gina's Closet, this tradition can continue.

Gina's Closet is maintained by the Employee Activities Team and Gina's family, and runs solely on donations from our employees and the community. If you would like to donate new items to Gina's Closet or have any other questions, please contact Erin Clevenger at (361) 552-0454 or email


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