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Doctor holding a stethoscope sitting beside a patient on the side of the patient\'s bed
Doctor holding a stethoscope sitting beside a patient on the side of the patient\'s bed


Whether you're recovering from a minor or major medical procedure or illness that requires an overnight stay, our patient care unit is staffed around the clock by highly-skilled nurses who are there to assist you in your recovery. Our unit is equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure your recovery is monitored, recorded and progresses as smoothly as possible.

Your private room will have all of the necessities such as phone, television, restroom, and storage closet to ensure comfort and convenience during recovery. During your stay, your doctor will visit to check your progress and your nurse will work with you on various recovery techniques. You will be observed, given nourishment and assisted with walking until you are able to on your own. You also will receive instructions on how to continue to take care of yourself at home. And after your release, a member of our staff will phone you at home to check on your recovery and answer any questions you might have. It's part of our ongoing commitment to you and your good health.

At Memorial Medical Center, our experienced physicians, nurses and support personnel provide patients with quality care in our medical/surgical units. Whether it's for treatment of a disease or for a surgical procedure, MMC is equipped with advanced equipment, techniques and technology. Our community relies on us for these types of surgery:

Ear, Nose and Throat

Memorial Medical Center now offers complementary Wi-Fi.


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