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Doctor holding a tablet sitting beside a patient laying on a bed
Doctor holding a tablet sitting beside a patient laying on a bed

Hospitalist Program

Memorial Medical Center's Hospitalist Program is led by Doctor Paul Bunnell and Family Nurse Practitioner Kristi Boyd.

Memorial Medical Center 's experienced hospitalists are available 24 hours to provide care, ease concerns, and answer questions. Providers who specialize in caring for hospitalized patients, the compassionate physicians in our hospitalist program trained at some of the most prominent medical schools and hospitals in the country.

While keeping in touch with your primary care physician, these skilled practitioners will lead your inpatient care team to help you:

Get better faster
Go home sooner
Experience an overall more positive hospital stay

What kind of care does a hospitalist provide?

On site and available around-the-clock, the hospitalist team cares for the majority of admitted general medicine patients.

Our hospitalists:

Provide and coordinate day-to-day care
Interpret test results and develop individualized, therapeutic care plans
Work closely with other clinical specialists to optimize care
Make themselves available to answer questions and ease concerns
Assure consistency of care

Caring for you from admission to discharge, the hospitalist team will develop the most comprehensive treatment plan and then carry it out with prompt, personalized, bedside care.

How will having a hospitalist help me?

The technology of modern medicine provides a range of diagnostic tools. Hospital based physicians have the advantage of prompt test results and more efficient use of hospital diagnostic services. A CT scan reviewed in the morning may lead to an endoscopic procedure in the afternoon! The result is a shorter hospital stay.

What happens at discharge?

Because hospitalists do not have community-based practices, you will be discharged back into the care of your primary care physician. Patients without a primary care physician can receive assistance finding one in collaboration with the hospitalist and inpatient team.

Hospitalists help assure a smooth transition home by:
Recommending needed follow-up appointments
Carefully explaining discharge instructions
Providing your primary care physician with a detailed report about your hospital stay


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