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A group of doctors wearing blue masks and blue scrubs gathered around an operating table surrounded by medical equipment

Medical Surgical Unit

Whether you need to be hospitalized for a medical condition such as diabetes, pneumonia, or a heart condition, the Medical-Surgical Unit at Memorial Medical Center is prepared to meet your needs. If you need a surgical procedure, our nurses are trained and ready to help you recover from that as well. Our scope of care covers virtually all types of adult and children's inpatient needs. We have state-of-the-art equipment that helps you get well as comfortably as possible. Your private room is equipped with television, room phone and guest WiFi access. All Inpatient rooms have private bathroom and storage areas for your belongings.

Your nurses on the Med-Surg floor work closely with your doctor to care for you in exactly the way you need. We have a full complement of Laboratory, Radiology, Respiratory Care, Physical Therapy, and other ancillary services available to serve you at all times. If your particular medical needs require a different level of care than we normally provide, we can get you safely and quickly to the right setting.

Your privacy and dignity are very important to us. We respect you as a person and treat you as such. Our nurses are here to make sure that all of your needs are met and you have the best stay possible.


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